Altar Servers

Altar Serving is a privilege. We are blessed with servers that are both young and learning to serve as well as adults that are more experienced. Since we have experienced servers we are able to assist with Solemnities such as Easter, Christmas, Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We have both Servers and Sr. Servers. Our Sr. Servers help mentor the servers on the Altar so they are able to observe up close and see from the Altar perspective what is expected and what is to be learned. 

We also have a group of experienced adult servers who serve at the Latin Masses and the Missa Cantata celebrations.

All ages and experience levels are encouraged. We believe that serving not only is a privilege but a way to be closer to Christ in the sacrifice of the Mass.


On Wed., June 12th at 5pm, there will be an orientation and initial training session for all interested in Altar Serving for our Ordinary Form Masses. Additional training sessions will be on Wed. June 19th and June 26th. Anyone interested in finding out about serving at the altar is welcome and encouraged to attend. The sessions will include an orientation as to the basics of serving and training on all duties associated with serving at the altar. Prior to serving at the altar, sufficient skills will be developed. Contact Dcn. Hicks Armor for more information.
Please feel free to come, learn, and see if this is a ministry you may be interested in. All are welcome and encouraged at attend.

Altar Server training is normally held on certain Wednesdays from 5-6pm in the church. Contact Deacon Hicks for more information.


Over the summer (2019), Fr. Carter will be offering training sessions to strengthen and grow our altar server program for the ancient form. All boys or young men who are interested in serving for the ancient form, please contact the parish office by the end of May 2019. Current altar servers and new servers are invited.


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Altar Servers
Altar Servers