Rite of Christian Burial and Funeral Liturgies

The Rite of Christian Burial and Funeral Liturgies may be scheduled by calling the Basilica Office at 423-266-1618. See Downloads below for more information.

You are invited to consider purchasing a plot or a niche at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery alongside generations of Chattanooga Catholics. 

Catholic Teaching on Miscarriage - an informative video by Catholic Sprouts, which covers the following questions:

1. Can we baptize our baby?
2. Can we name our baby?
3. Can we bury our baby? What do we do if we don’t have the baby’s remains?
4. Is my baby an angel? A saint?
5. Is my baby in Limbo? Heaven?
6. Is there a funeral or burial rite we can use?

The Catholic Sprouts site contains resources for those grieving the loss of a baby, and it is highly recommended by Fr. Carter.


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