Archived Homilies

Some archived homilies from The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul are available in PDF format. Others are available as sound files.

A PDF Reader is required to view the PDF homilies. You can download a free PDF Reader from by clicking this link.

Feb 17 2019 - Pastor's Notes:  Excommunication

Feb 10 2019 - Pastor's Notes:  Altar Rail Cushions, Liturgical Questionnaire, All Saints Academy Update

January 27, 2019 - 3rd Sun OT C: The Answer to Life's Question

27 de enero 2019 - III Domingo Ordinario C: La respuesta a la pregunta de la vida

January 13, 2019 - Basilica Bells Ring at the Consecration

January 6 2019 - Catechesis on the Altar Rail and Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament

Dec 30 2018 - Holy Family

Dec 25 2018 - Christmas:  Come, Adore the Christ-Child!

25 de diciembre 2018 - Navidad: Ven, Adoran al Niño Jesús!

Dec 23 2018 - Pastor's Notes:  Catechesis on the Altar as Our New Altar Is Dedicated

Dec 06 2018 - Pastor's Notes:  Gradation of Solemnity, Precious Blood, and Sign of Peace at the Basilica

Nov 18 2018 - Pastoral Letter:  That They May Be One:  A Vision of Solidarity and Universality for our Parish (READ)

Nov 13 2018 - State of the Parish 2018 (READ)

4 de noviembre 2018 - XXXI Domingo Ordinario: de la Carta pastoral de los Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos y México sobre la migración: Juntos en el Camino de la Esperanza Ya No Somos Extranjeros (LEER)

Nov 4 2018 - 31st Sun OT B: Love God and Love Your Neighbor (READ)

14 de octubre 2018 - XXVIII Domingo Ordinario B: La ropa nueva del emperador (LEER)

Oct 14 2018 - 28th Sun OT B: The Emperor's New Clothes (READ)

Sept 30 2018 - 26th Sun OT B:  Repent and believe in the Gospel (READ)

23 de septiembre 2018 - XXV Domingo Ordinario B:  La oración y el ayuno necesarios para entrenarnos a llevar la cruz (LEER)

Sept 23 2018 - 25th Sun OT B:  Prayer and fasting needed to train us to carry the cross (READ)

Sept 16 2018 - 24th Sun OT B:  A Simple Menu (READ)

Christ's Unchanging Plan for Love, Marriage, & Human Sexuality, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

The Fullness of Truth in Jesus through His Holy Catholic Church, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Bishop Stika's Homily, Mass for Chattanooga's Fallen Soldiers (LISTEN)

1st Holy Communion 2015, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

The Beauty, Truth, and Goodness of Repentance, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Easter Sunday 2015, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Come out of the Darkness and into the Light, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Suffering for the Sake of Love, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

The Power of the Resurrection:  Our Lenten Hope, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

The Authority of Jesus, 4th Sun. OT, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Epiphany, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Feast of the Holy Family, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Christmas Day (Listen)

The Joy of Tradition - Claiming Our Liturgical Heritage, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

1st Sunday of Advent 2014, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Give to God What Belongs to God, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Put on the Wedding Garment of Humility, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)

Who Am I to Judge? Our Call to Fraternal Love and Correction, by Fr. David Carter (LISTEN)