The clergy, staff, and parishioners of the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul rejoice with you in your engagement to one another, and we will walk with you as you approach one of the most important days in your life, the beginning of the Sacred Covenant of Christian marriage.

In asking to be married in the Catholic Church, you are publicly proclaiming your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and asking to live as disciples of Christ in the Sacrament of Marriage. The sacred liturgy of your wedding, which begins your married life by the solemn exchange of marital consent, is above all else an act of worship, and we will help you prepare both for that happy day and for the lifetime of marriage that follows your nuptial liturgy.

We understand that you are concerned to have every detail of your wedding carefully planned and well executed, and we will work with you to ensure that the sacred liturgy is a beautiful and memorable event for you and your families and friends. We ask you to remember that your wedding, although an intensely personal moment for you, is not a private event; rather, it is a public celebration of one of the seven Sacraments given to the Church by the Lord Jesus. For this reason, we must take care to ensure that the sacred liturgy is celebrated according to the mind of the Church and in conformity with liturgical law and local custom.

For complete details and for all policies, please locate the "Downloads" section on this page and download the "Policies and Procedures" document. You can also download the complete Scripture Readings and Propers for weddings, as well as the forms you will need to fill out with information about your wedding liturgy.

WEDDING WISDOM from Fr. Carter, Pastor

Pastor's Notes May 12, 2019:  Wedding Season and Wisdom

Pastor's Notes May 19, 2019:  The Underground Railroad out of the Culture of Death *

* The Basilica parish community is forming an "Underground Railroad" of homes to help engaged people avoid or leave the situation of cohabitation prior to marriage. If you are interested in offering a room in your home to an engaged person for a short period, in support of chastity and sacramental marriage - or if you are seeking to avoid or leave your own situation of cohabitation prior to marriage, please contact the parish office or click Contact below. 

Natural Family Planning: 

Please contact Pete and Sherry at 850-525-2721 or, or Matt and Avery Hisscock at 615-495-2874 or, for information on Natural Family Planning.

Chattanooga Catholic Deanery "Picture of Love" Engaged Couples' Retreat

Retreat Dates for 2019:  September 20/21 at St. Stephen Catholic Church

Friday 7-10pm, Saturday 9am-7pm

Cost:  $135 - includes meals (Retreat certificate will get the couple a $60 discount on their marriage license.)

Details and registration form here. Contact the Office of Preparation and Enrichment at 423-892-2310 or for more information.


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